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TMJ disorder and similar conditions such as Bruxism have been quietly making the lives of sufferers miserable for some time now. They have that special status of being neither serious illnesses which threaten life, nor minor complaints which can be forgotten about with the use of cheap store-bought pain medication. They fall right in the middle, not considered serious enough to require immediate and acute medical intervention, but at the same time outside the reach of most painkillers. And if left untreated, they can wreak a lot more damage to your life than you think.

Actually, that last sentence may well sound patronising as, if you suffer from TMJ disorder or Bruxism, you probably know already just how bothersome they can be. Either condition can be more than enough to ensure that you wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t slept, with tension building in you from the moment your foot hits the floor and with aches in muscles you never realised existed. Over time, these conditions can build to the point where you are unable to live a normal life at all because everything is interrupted by the pain you are suffering.

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The worst thing about TMJ for many sufferers isn’t so much the pain in the jaw, which can at least be minimised by pain medication. This pain, while not to be sneered at, is just one part of the TMJ puzzle. The poor quality of sleep, the minor and major adjustments you make to help cope with the condition, and the cumulative effect it has on your quality of life are all additional problems which make the average TMJ sufferer feel like their suffering is inescapable. The misery it causes can become full-blown depression, and you’ll take any possible cure to make it stop.

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Why TMJ No More Is Better Than The Conventional Solutions

It is important to realise that the conventional medical sector, and particularly doctors, are not particularly at fault for the lack of quality solutions for TMJ on the market. Medicine, by its very nature, needs to be broadly applicable. A certain drug or a certain treatment that will save a life or minimise pain is really the best that a doctor can do when one considers the number of patients they have to see every day. However, a condition like TMJ disorder is rarely simple; two cases of TMJ are likely to be quite different and unless treating TMJ is all a doctor does, they cannot really give the perfect treatment.

TMJ No More has been developed by Sandra Carter, a health consultant and therapist who has suffered with TMJ for much of her adult life. Like many sufferers, she has passed through the gamut of conventional treatments and seen at best partial success with all of them. Very often, the conventional health treatment for TMJ is restricted to pain management, but prescription painkillers can only do so much and they take their own toll. There is no catch-all treatment for TMJ disorder, and trying to treat it with a broad-spectrum treatment will end in failure.

TMJ No More takes account of this fact, and gives the sufferer the tools they need in order to treat themselves – which starts with diagnosing your particular case, its symptoms and its causes. Only when you know why this is happening to you can you get to the bottom of how you are going to treat it, and wave it goodbye once and for all. Sandra Carter has arrived at her conclusions after studying the condition and its various treatments for fourteen years. That is almost a decade and a half solely researching TMJ – so now you see why doctors have a hard time treating it.

You may wonder how a simple ebook can make a difference where your own doctor was barely able to make a small dent in your suffering, but this is an ebook written by a former sufferer of the condition after they went into depth researching everything they could about the way it affects people. This isn’t just an academic document – it is a personal search for the way to finally nip TMJ firmly in the bud.


Is TMJ No More A Scam?

It is necessary to be watchful when it comes to alternative treatments recommended online, as experience has taught many of us that when something appears too good to be true, the likelihood is that it will be. There seems to be an ebook available for just about everything that ails a person nowadays, and although some of them certainly work, there are just as many that are designed only to part you from your money. It is therefore important to think about whether you are getting value for money or instead getting a scam which will do nothing to end your TMJ nightmare.

With TMJ No More, every effort has been taken to ensure that you as the customer are given what you need. You will gain access to the information that allows you to evaluate your own condition, as well as a high quality customer service team which deals promptly and fully with any queries or complaints that you might have. Perhaps the most persuasive argument for the program is the wide range of independent reviews to be found online which hold it in very high regard; indeed, even Dr. David Spainhower, creator of Truth About TMJ (a rival program), speaks very positively of it.

The support system even allows you to contact Sandra Carter herself. This access to the author of the book is highly valuable, as it allows you to get information that will help you with an unconventional case of TMJ or Bruxism. Together with the advice already available in the guide, and the many bonuses which will give you invaluable advice on how to reach a better level of relaxation, this makes TMJ No More one of the most indispensable guides on the market for people suffering from TMJ.

You can read all about Sandra Carter‘s struggle with TMJ, and the journey that led her to write the pdf at – and while there you can find out more about the free download bonus guides that will really help with your TMJ cure. The information that you pick up here will shed a lot of light on what you need to do to make sure you never have another morning so bad that you just want to get back into bed and stay there.

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