Night Guard – The Best Cure for Teeth Grinding

Night Guards – A Cure For Teeth Grinding

If you have problems with grinding your teeth in your sleep, it is vitally important that you take appropriate action to minimise the problems that it causes and to eventually stop it from happening. In the short term, it is absolutely necessary to use some form of preventative measure that stops you from grinding your teeth. Of course, it is hard to control what you do in your sleep, which is why one of the immediate no-nonsense solutions favored by people with Bruxism is a mouth guard worn through the night – commonly known as a night guard.

The bad news about night guards is that they are unlikely to come cheap, but the truth is that that initial spend is likely to be a lot smaller than the accumulated cost of the treatment you will need if Bruxism takes hold and causes just a few of the many problems it can cause. For that initial outlay you will be able to get a guard which holds your temporomandibular joint in a stable position throughout the night. By using that guard you will train the joint to relax itself, and relieve stress on the joint. Consequently you will sleep better and grind your teeth less.

To get the best night guard, it is generally advised that you visit a dentist and are fitted for one that is appropriate for you. There are others that are commercially available and we will discuss these later, but the advantage of getting one from the dentist is that it will be specific to your mouth and your teeth and if you have appropriate dental insurance the cost may well be fully covered. A fitted night guard will be made by taking an impression of your mouth – teeth, gums and all – and will fit the contours of your mouth snugly making it easier to sleep with the guard in.

The benefit of a night guard is simple, in that it works on two fronts. The first is that it stops you from grinding your teeth by taking away that ability. It holds your teeth in place and provides a cushion against the movement involved in teeth grinding. Secondly, it takes away the urge to grind your teeth because it allows the temporomandibular joint to relax and relieves stress in that area. As a result you will come to a point where you do not need or want to grind your teeth – and in the meantime it stops you from doing it even if the urge is upon you.

Commercially Available Night Guards

There are many types of mouth guards available from a wide range of retailers. These range from simple and cheap ones to more intricate models which are more expensive. There is no getting around the fact that the more expensive ones are the ones which will give you greater defence against Bruxism. Most of the commercially available guards are of the “one size fits all” kind, and these have the advantage on price. But if you have a complicated bite alignment, that “one size” might not fit you. It may protect against grinding, but that protection will be limited.

“Boil and Bite” guards are considered by many to be the best “budget” option. As the name suggests, these guards are boiled before they are put in your mouth. When this has been done, it can take the shape of your bite and you will know where and how to trim it. They are usually available from sports stores as well as pharmacies, as they are used frequently by boxers and people who play high-impact sports. Some people find them uncomfortable and feel that they disrupt sleep, but their price and adaptability offers good protection at an affordable price.

Night Guards: What To Look For

A night guard which fits exactly to the shape of your mouth is obviously the ideal model, and if you have the funds or the insurance to cover the cost then these are the best ones to have. However this is not always the case, and if you cannot stretch to one of these then it is worth taking the advice of your dentist on the perfect model to fit your mouth and your pocket. There are certain aspects that you should look to achieve with whatever model you buy, as clever shopping will give you the best protection.

The first thing you need to consider when buying a mouth guard is durability. This guard will be in contact with your teeth for as much as eight hours a night, and as your teeth are made out of the hardest substance in the human body, durability is essential. You don’t want a model you can bite through in your sleep. Dentists advise that a night guard made out of strong but soft plastic is the best model for people who suffer from Bruxism, as it will mold to the shape of your bite without being bitten through in your sleep.

There is also a choice to be made between “single wall” and “double wall” night guards. The former are cheaper and are good in a pinch, but longer term your best move is always to go with a double wall model. They provide a better fit for your mouth and are usually snugger and more comfortable. They are cheaper than custom-fit ones and more suited to being worn for a night’s sleep than a single wall model. They may take a little more getting used to, but it is worth persevering as they provide a high level of protection.

What you are aiming for when buying night guards is a combination of protection and price that enables you to ensure that Bruxism does not cause ongoing problems. Remember, it is better to spend a little more up front to avoid spending a lot more in the long term, and for this reason buying the best mouth guard you can afford is essential.

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