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Uneven Teeth Treatment

Treatment For Uneven Teeth If a history of teeth grinding has left you with misshapen teeth, then there are treatments that can be carried out to improve the look of your smile. These treatments are not necessarily manageable for everyone, as a dentist will need to have something with which he or she can work, […]


Night Guard – The Best Cure for Teeth Grinding

Night Guards – A Cure For Teeth Grinding If you have problems with grinding your teeth in your sleep, it is vitally important that you take appropriate action to minimise the problems that it causes and to eventually stop it from happening. In the short term, it is absolutely necessary to use some form of […]

Tips for Avoiding Dry Mouth

How To Avoid Dry Mouth Many people who suffer from Bruxism will also have some other issues related to their teeth and mouth. In some cases this can be down to stress and anxiety-related conditions, and it may also be down to medication. Many medications prescribed for, among other things, mental health conditions can cause […]

How to Diagnose Teeth Grinding?

How To Diagnose Teeth Grinding – Some Simple Tips When you grind your teeth, it is often done during the night while you are asleep. This can naturally make it hard to detect, as the problem goes under the radar when you aren’t awake to see or feel it. Self-diagnosing Bruxism is therefore not a […]

Bruxism in Children — Is It a Concern?

Bruxism In Children: Should You Be Concerned? There are many and varied – and sometimes conflicting – statistics given about the incidence of Bruxism in children. The reason for the confusion and the rash of information is simply that the information comes from different sources and full data is hard to get hold of. There […]

Reduce Stress – 3 Ways To Reduce Stress Naturally

Ways To Reduce Stress And Reduce Bruxism Bruxism is a curious condition, in that it is known to be caused by various stimuli yet there is more to be learned about why all of these causes affect certain people in this way and not others. One of the primary known causes of teeth grinding in […]

Truth About Bruxism Review – Charles Harrison

Review: Charles Harrison’s Truth About Bruxism At A Glance Scores For Truth About Bruxism Information: 4/5 Ease Of Use: 4/5 Exercises: 4/5 Food Advice: 3.5/5 Stress Tips: 4.5/5 Overall: 20/25 As a condition, Bruxism is not only a potentially painful one but also a highly unaesthetic one. Grinding your teeth is something that most of […]

5 Causes Of Teeth Grinding; Obvious And Not So Obvious

Bruxism is a known medical complaint with known symptoms and cures, but despite that there is a lot that is still not fully known about the condition and that is still being researched by medical science. At present, doctors believe that there are a number of different causes for the condition. Some of them are […]